Summer School on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition for Homeland Security

The School “Visione delle Macchine” (Machine Vision) is organized every two years by the “Gruppo Italiano Ricercatori in Pattern Recognition” (GIRPR) affiliated to International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR). The primary objective of the School is to provide a common scientific and cultural background to PhD students, young researchers from universities, research institutions and industry on the subjects of computer vision and pattern recognition. 

Visione delle Macchine 2014 (VisMac 2014) fil rouge is “Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition for Homeland Security” and the talks will cover the following topics:

  • 1. Computer graphics, VR, AR meet computer vision;
  • 2. Image and video understanding;
  • 3. Biometric System;
  • 4. Forensic Imaging;
  • 5. Video surveillance;
  • 6. Human Action Recognition;
  • 7. Machine learning for Imaging;
  • 8. Computer vision applications.

The talks are organized as mini-courses related to the topics listed above. Each afternoon homeworks will be held with the support of the teachers present.

Participants can submit posters to present their work. The accepted posters will be exposed for the entire duration of the school.

The official language of the school will be English, to facilitate the participation of foreign PhD students.

The lectures are self-contained and cover important topics of a multidisciplinary flourishing research field, from fundamentals to state-of-the-art,

Knowledge assessment modalities


•Closing tests: a final test will take place at the end of each lecture

The lecture attendace and tests, homeworks and  poster presentation will be evaluated from the course coordinators. The final achievement will be equivalent to 4 ECTS points.



Contact Info

University of Salerno
Via Giovanni Paolo II, nr. 132
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T:  (+39) 089.963334
T:  (+39) 089.963345

E:  biplab@unisa.it

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